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“Hiring managers have stated my resume is the most unique one they have ever seen. Though there are not many positions available in my job market, I have received 10 interviews and am now employed full-time.”


Pharmaceutical District Sales Manager

“I received my first interview and a job offer one week after sending out my Resume, with 5 interviews and 5 job offers in 2 months.”

Store Manager

“I am extremely happy about the copy writing and presentation of my Resume. I felt the interview process was thorough and the interviewer was patient, helpful and listened well. The unrushed consultation made me feel most comfortable.”

Social Worker

“My Resume is very professional and impressive. The contents really highlight my attributes. I’m very satisfied with the end result! Aside from the actual Resume, the consultation was the next best thing—the entire process assured me that Evelyn was really trying to get to know me enough to be able to produce such a great Resume. I never felt like I did anything significant nor was I any different from the next job seeker. After the consultation, however, I came to realize my worth and that I did achieve more than an average contemporary has”

Account Executive

“I am very happy with my Resume. It stands out and above all other resumes. What I liked best about the Resume process with was the Money Back Guarantee and the in-depth consultation. I became more confident about my qualifications after the consultation; and it was very useful to help me clarify my goals and achievements.”

School Guidance Counselor

“I received my first interview in one week and six interviews with two job offers in one month.”

Executive Chef

“I recommend DesignerResumes services to anyone in the job market. The Resume layout, artistry, copy writing, and design were perfect. Evelyn Salvador possesses strong product knowledge. She is very upbeat, optimistic and motivational. I have received many interviews and numerous compliments from Human Resource representatives (on my resume).”

Insurance Underwriter

“Thank you so much for your input last week. Resume was perfect for situation. Accepted a position in New York City this AM! As Vice President Investor Relations. It's a perfect fit on all counts. Covering companies, talking with shareholders, Company execs, analysts, writing press releases, visiting annual meetings and road shows. Thank you so much for your expertise. It made all the difference.”

Vice President - Investor Relations

[Note: Marjorie was out of the corporate workforce for 10 years!]

“I was not very positive about my qualifications searching for a job. However, after the consultation I was excited about myself and had the desire to job search. I feel my Resume will help me get interviews because it is visually appealing and written in such a way that focuses on the positives.”

Elementary Teacher

“DesignerResumes’ in-depth Resume and Career consultation was like a catharsis for me, almost a rediscovery of myself. I now have a clearer direction for myself.”

Registered Nurse

“I am very satisfied with the services provided by My Resume is more original and professional than other resumes written in a very positive way. The Resume consultation was like being with someone I have known for years. I feel my Resume will help me get interviews because it uses a very different and professional approach. The whole Resume process with was very in-depth and comfortable. I wouldn’t change a thing. Very well done!”

Bank Vice President


DesignerResumes’ Resume Writing, Design, and

Personal Branding Compels Hiring Managers to Call our Clients

Elementary Teacher

Maria was a Substitute Teacher for more years than she wanted, but couldn’t get a full-time job. Her resume makeover got her many interviews and a school she could finally call home.

Registered Nurse

After redoing Nicole’s resume and providing her with salary negotiation skills, she increased her salary 65%—from $42,000 to $70,000 after receiving 11 interview calls and 5 job offers in one week.

Senior Financial Officer

The financial industry, including banking, accounting, mortgages, and the stock market, is a conservative field and, therefore, requires a conservative-looking resume. However, design and formatting are still key.

As the global leader in visual and verbal personal branding through her clients designer resumes, Evelyn Salvador has been catapulting thousands of job seekers’ careers since 1990 using her Designer Resumes.

Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

“I received 30 interviews and 5 job offers with my resume. Recruiters have told me that my Executive Resume Newsletter™ style is an excellent format.”

Entry-level Biologist

Mark wanted either an entry-level Biologist or Pharmaceutical Sales position. This required two different resume variations for each targeted market. See how they differ and why each must be targeted correctly.

Career Development Director

View Evelyn Salvador’s resume to see her many accomplishments in the career management field, inclusive of being an industry leader in resume writing, personal branding, online identity building, web resume development, and groundbreaking resume products used by resume writers worldwide.

Pilot Simulation Instructor

Prospective employers were pleasantly astounded when they received Jack’s resume! He landed a higher paying position for a private airline immediately, having to make his selection from 3 different job offers.


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