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Online Identity Building

“Your Web presence can make or break a job application. Web anonymity can sink your job search.”


Become Digitally Distinct

Find out if you are digitally distinct by clicking below:

If you are not, don’t worry, we can correct that for you with a web presence that showcases you in your very best light through your Web Portfolio, Social Media Profile, and more.

It will exhibit your strengths, qualifications, and achievements; demonstrate your expertise and prospective employer fit; and showcase how you are a qualified candidate to meet employers’ needs.

Today it takes 3 things to succeed:

  1. 1.An exemplary resume

  2. 2.A persuasive personal brand

  3. 3.A positive online identity

At, all 3 are provided to help you catapult your career.


What does your online identity look like?

It’s easy enough to find out: Google your name (in quotes) the same way hiring managers will, and see what comes up. Ideally, you should appear within the first Google page, or within the first three if you have a common name. If you haven’t done this before, you might be surprised at what you find—or don’t find. Perhaps entries you were unaware existed or ones that don’t present you in your best light. Or worse, no presence at all.

Today, hiring managers check your web presence before considering you for a position. If you do not have a positive online identity that showcases your personal brand, you may miss out on job opportunities you will not even know existed. When prospective employers surf the Internet, will they find a positive Web presence for you?

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Benefits of Having a Positive Web Presence

  1. 1.Helps you network and connect with hiring managers.

  2. 2.Puts you in the top percentage of candidates considered for positions.

  3. 3.Maximizes your job and salary potential.

  4. 4.Will “wow” prospective employers to call you ahead of your competition.

  5. 5.Increases your job possibilities and interview odds as it puts you ahead of your peers and compels hiring managers to call you.

  6. 6.Can drive your salary potential.

Our Online Identity Package Covers all of Your Web Presence Bases

With our Online Identity Building Package, we identify and develop your personal brand, create your achievement-oriented web portfolio, and set up your social networking profiles to maximize your career potential.

You will have everything you need to build or enhance your web presence: (1) your personal brand message (in three forms), (2) your LinkedIn Profile, and (3) your achievement-based web portfolio—all at a discounted rate.

And most importantly—it will be written as a personally branded profile that includes the five critical components of branding: your (1) features, (2) benefits, (3) competitive edge, (4) value propositions, and (5) your return on investment.


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