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MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE guarantees that clients who purchase a Designer Resume Package (consisting of Resume, Cover Letter, Personal Brand, and Web Portfolio) will receive a 500% greater interview response rate than the national direct mail average of 2.5%. That is, we guarantee you will receive at least 13 interview calls on 100 resumes you send out, or 7 calls on 50 resumes.

If after timely sending out 50 resumes in response to job postings where your qualifications match the position requirements for which we wrote and targeted your resume, you do not receive at least 7 interviews, Creative Image Builders will refund 100% of your money. 

To obtain a refund, clients must supply verifiable proof that they sent out 50 resumes to employers with job openings. Verifiable proof would consist of, for example, the original job postings, job posting links, classified ads, return receipts, or other method where contact information is available.

This guarantee is valid for up to three months from the date you receive your resume package and is not applicable to stand-alone services as your personal brand and positive online identity are equally as important as your resume to get hired in today’s world of work.


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In today’s job market, it takes 3 things to succeed:

  1. 1.An exemplary resume and cover letter that sells you apart from the competition,

  2. 2.A compelling personal brand written in marketing-savvy language, and

  3. 3.A positive online identity for when hiring managers Google your web presence.

At, we provide all three to help you catapult your career.

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