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Personal Brand Marketing

It is important to convey your Personal Brand message in all of your career marketing materials and business communications, including your Cover Letter and Resume, your Web Resume, your Social Networking Profile, your online identity, and throughout all of your networking.

By having your brand developed into three versions: your short and long bios and your elevator pitch, you will have all forms of your brand message readily available to copy and paste when and where you need it.

It’s all in Your Self-Packaging

How you are presented. The assets you have that make you unique from your peers. The benefits those qualities have. The value proposition they create and return on investment they offer to a prospective employer. Then leveraging your unique brand across all marketing channels online and in print to get the word out.

The Importance of Personal Branding

Today, identifying, defining, and leveraging your Personal Brand is the single most critical thing you can do to get hired quickly at your highest salary potential. When strategized well and developed articulately, Personal Branding helps position you in the Top 2 percent of candidates in your field of expertise…regardless of the economy. 

Personal Branding is an essential career and reputation management marketing tool in today’s world of work that creates a credible identity with a high value proposition and ROI for employers and compels hiring managers to seek you out over others.

Personal branding consists of identifying your features, benefits, competitive edge, value proposition, return on investment, and matching achievements—all developed into a Personal Brand Statement. Branding is what compels hiring managers to seek you out over others because they cannot pass up what you have to offer. It is what will help you achieve your goals at a much quicker rate than the “norm.” 

Step-by-Step Cover Letters…Using Personal Branding explains the Personal Branding process in-depth in chapters 1–2. 


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Benefits of Personal Branding

  1. 1.Compels hiring managers to seek you out because you offer a high return on their investment.

  2. 2.Positions you as an expert, increases your notoriety, and builds a solid reputation in your field.

  3. 3.Empowers you to confidently and compellingly sell yourself because you believe in your own value proposition and self-worth.

  4. 4.Helps you discover your true career niche.

  5. 5.Brings opportunities your way—ahead of your competition.

  6. 6.Commands higher compensation just like any high-end brand does.

  7. 7.With your unique promise of value, you will enjoy career and life success: Working to live, not living to work. Doing what you are passionate about.

Exclusive 12-Step Branding Process

Evelyn’s branding process is strategic, revolutionary, and highly successful. Working with careerists one-on-one, she builds your Personal Brand by first determining your target market; listing your assets; identifying the benefits of those features; then determining your competitive edge, value proposition, and return on investment to your prospective employers. Once your Personal Brand has been established, clients feel it is a catharsis that helps propel them with renewed empowerment to catapult their careers. 


  1. 1.Your Branded Biography / Sell Sheet

  2. 2.Your LinkedIn Profile

  3. 3.Your Elevator Pitch for all of your networking and interviews

  4. 4.Your Slogan for use on all of your career marketing materials


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