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Evelyn Salvador has been successfully using custom resume designs for her clients for more than two decades…making recruiters heads turn each time! Together with compelling content, Designer Resumes provide phenomenal results for jobseekers. Employers stop to read her clients’ resumes immediately over the bland white resumes that blend in.

From college graduates to high-level executive clients, Designer Resumes coupled with expert professional resume writing and personal branding helps job seekers land interviews at an exorbitantly higher percentage than the norm.

Choose from 300 different professional designs—from conservative to highly creative. These designs are the crème de la creme of distinctive, creative, professional, and cutting-edge resume documents with high results.

Several factors are considered when selecting a design for you, including your profession, the position, your targeted audience, and of course—you, to get you the best interview response rate on your resume (or you can select one yourself).

To further enhance and personalize your resume, personal branding elements can also be included, such as occupational art, work samples, slogans, testimonials, success stories, and more. All of these strategies, used selectively, help clients obtain a high interview response rate.



Clients Speak Out:

“As a recent college grad, I was faced with a lot of anxiety entering the teaching field. The services I received from DesignerResumes have been outstanding. I have been recognized by school districts across Long Island. They were impressed with my qualifications and presentation of my resume.

Although my peers were receiving no bites on their resumes, I was flooded by districts calling for interviews and offered 4 jobs. Six months later and I am still receiving calls for interviews. Working with Evelyn is one of the best decisions I have made.”

Danielle Monahan

Resume Design Choices

By The Global Leader in Resume Design 

Evelyn Salvador is the global leader in creating high impact designer resumes since 1990. On average, her clients obtain interviews at an exorbitantly higher rate than the norm because they immediately intrigue hiring managers to read them, they are content-rich, and include job candidate personal brands. As a result hiring managers are compelled to call her clients ahead of others.


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